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How to design a hall?

The hall, hall, entrance … is the first space that is seen when entering our home and it is a place that says a lot about us.

As it is the first room that a person sees entering the house, the hallways should be as welcoming as possible.

To make a good design small foyers the study was to focus on materials coatings – walls, floor – l os colors , lighting , furniture , textiles and decorative accessories .

How to decorate a small hall?

Many times the hall is a small or narrow space with quite uncomfortable proportions and you cannot take much advantage of it.

In these cases you have to play with  colors, light and decoration , to enhance the good points and hide the bad ones.

It can be transformed into an attractive place  where both welcomes and farewells can pass pleasantly with Tajarat properties.

The elements to take into account in small hallways are furniture , seats, whether a chair or bench , textiles , lighting with   table or floor lamps and   vertical decoration such as  paintings  , photographs or mirrors .

small hall

small hall decoration

If there is no room for a closet, at least try to achieve the maximum potential and have a space to hang your coats with hooks and hangers.

Even taking advantage of placing them behind the front door if there is no other possibility.

how to decorate a small hall

decorate small hall

decorate a small hall

Small hall Ideas

Before making decisions, you should consider the option of studying the adjoining space, that is, if you can arrange or reform the room next to the hall to give it more space.

If you disassemble the wall you could have a hall-living room, or a dining room hall, since the rooms are increasingly multifunctional.

Study the lateral spaces because you may come up with excellent solutions to make the most of it.

But if possible, opt for a separate hall, because even if it is a small hall it is a good place to leave coats, bags …

small hall decoration


If there is no space, you can study to enable in the hall, a closet for these items for when you get home.

small hall reform


The objective of the reform of this house was to achieve a  larger small hall that could contain a small closet.

The foreground, the original plant. From the hall  and through a folding door, you entered the living room and through it to a terrace of 1 meter and 25 centimeters wide

The  reform was very simple, in the background you can see it.

In the lounge he was incorporated the terrace and the wall of the  hall was moved 70 cm. towards the living room which is now accessed through 2 sliding doors.

In the hall , the wardrobe that clients wanted was located at one angle and in the other, immediately at the entrance and under the window, a small desk with a chair was placed.

In this way, the image of a  small and charming hall that the client liked so much was achieved , as you can see in the following photo, gaining spaciousness in the hall and the living room


the small hall

Decoration of small hallways

When you consider how to decorate your house , think that the  hall   or entrance of the house does not have to be a space where you enter and exit in a hurry.

As a prelude to the rest of the room decoration, a simple decorative scheme must be used .

Sometimes small  hallways are difficult spaces to decorate, sometimes because of their dimensions – small or narrow – and sometimes because of the lack of light.

The solutions for  decorating hallways will depend on the space you have.

The pieces with a clean structure , optically expand the space and achieve a refined composition , such as flown shelves , coat racks , wall mirrors, consoles … that is, furniture that allows respecting the 90 centimeters necessary for passage.


small hall

small hall

Mirrors are elements of great decorative value in a small hall , because they reflect what is on the other wall.

If you place a wall lamp, for example, in front, you double its lighting power.

Or, if possible, place it that reflects the outside light and then, better than better.

small hall

Small hallways

We will talk to you below about the basic elements to decorate a hall:

A side table, a small seat and a rug add a welcoming and welcoming character and if you can, place a small console and a bouquet of flowers in a glass vase .

To take advantage of every inch of the hall if it is small , a custom furniture is very functional and practical, because you can store things in it, that is, it serves as storage.

In case of reduced space, a narrow hall , to open the doors do not put them, leave the space open with the shelves in the air, but, yes, everything will have to be very orderly, because it will be the first thing you see when you get home .

In addition, on the upper shelf it is useful for decoration, a photo, a mirror, some paintings … or a set of bottles of different colors, it will brighten the entrance of the house and give it a natural touch

The basics for a hall is a piece of furniture to leave the bag, which can be a shelf or a shelf, for keys or a mobile, a bench with cushions to use as a seat or to leave the bag when entering.

A few wall hangers  that take up the minimum spaceto hang your clothes when you arrive will be enough to get an attractive and flirty hall.

If you have enough space, a drawer cabinet is very practical and on it a table lamp and some accessories.

On the wall, place a mirror, an element that cannot be missing in the decoration of small hallways.

Many times the hall does not have natural light, the solution is to disassemble the entrance wall and instead place a transparent glass wall as a mirror.

In this way the hall communicates with the living room or kitchen, you will gain in luminosity and also, it will appear larger.

There are also free-hanging furniture from doors and walls, type coat rack, where you can easily hang purses, coats or jackets with a bench at the bottom.

Accompany with some cushions and some boxes in the lower area and you will have a result of the most practical and charming, because in addition to being decorative, these furniture save space and help to organize the hall.

Remember that light colors make spaces larger, so we recommend using white or neutral colors to paint the hall.

If you combine it with natural materials such as a jute rug, a rattan carrycot or a wicker mirror, you will get a beautiful space of natural inspiration with skymarketing.

Small hallways, furniture

narrow hall furniture can be a narrow console , and the most useful accessories are a mirror , a seat, chair or bench , and a table or floor lamp and a suspension lamp.

These are the perfect accessories for a small and narrow hall as long as it is not too small …

small hall

small hall

Add interest to the hall, displaying your favorite photos , either hung at eye level or on the console and accompany with various accessories such as small chandeliers of different shapes and sizes.


small hall

small hall

small hall

The color in the hall

Regarding the  color, it  is more advisable to paint light and neutral colors, than dark colors or a wallpaper with ornate drawings.

The warm terracotta tones are pleasant in the afternoon light, although it is also advisable to install light diffusers

If you want it to appear wider, paint the side walls paler and the most successful in these cases is the hall in white , because it widens the space and gives more light by itself.

See your chosen color with natural and electric light , because it will vary greatly and the overall effect will be significantly transformed.

small hall

Some houses have moldings in the hallways . Do not disassemble them , as this is a suitable space for them. They provide a decorative touch and enhance proportion.

Other times, they can be decorated with a baseboard that you can leave the same color as the wall – in the next photo in white – or paint it in a different color to it, with the appropriate line and the correct thing is a third of the wall starting from soil.

small hall

If it is a small hall , the solution is not to overload it with too many objects, but of course, tastes are very varied.

small hall


In case of using striped wallpaper, it is better to place them vertically as it will make the space “taller”.


small hall

small hall

A beautiful exposed brick wall is, by itself, a decoration at the entrance of the house.


small hall decoration

Jute rugs bring freshness to the environment, a natural touch and combine perfectly with all kinds of furniture, industrial style, modern and current … the wool ones give warmth to the environment.

It is convenient to place a non-slip base under them to avoid slipping.

small hall



small hall

Natural mats are another option to consider as they are more resistant.

When you consider how to decorate your house, think that the hall or entrance of the house does not have to be a space where you can enter and leave in a hurry.

There are many solutions and tricks to take advantage of your small or narrow hall. Often it is not a matter of meters, but of proper planning and decoration.

If space is limited, the walls are a good possibility to decorate the hall since what you hang does not take up space: paintings, objects such as hats, photos … or personal collections to contemplate in this welcoming space to your home .

small hall decoration

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