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Home  interior decoration ideas and photos of environments

In interior decoration , to reach the desired objective, you must first know the needs, the taste or the style for which we choose, to have a beautiful and efficient environment at the same time.

Tajarat properties presents in this post some ideas and tips for interior design , so you can enjoy original proposals that are perfectly integrated into your lifestyle.

” A good d esign interior is here he who managed to and operate a space and also resulting decorative”

The fashion in interior decoration changes every season, while the notions of comfort and intimacy go back centuries of history.

This is not to say that the style is not fun and even useful.

P ero is more important to find out what really we like, the unique combination of space, light and color.

In other words, all those elements that will continue to stimulate our  mood even long after the latest fashion trend has gone down in history.

There are people who need years to plan the interiors of houses of what would be their ideal home, the environments and aspects that each of the spaces would have.

Other people venture to the realization of the project in the home decoration , without major preparations and in any case learn as they go and unfortunately, in these cases and very often, many and costly mistakes are made.

Before doing this work, you have to plan carefully, reflect on all the needs from the beginning, make lists, plans, budgets …

We will be impatient to start the real work, but it is well worth this time for the long-term benefit.

The prep work in the design is creative and entertaining and best of all is the great satisfaction we will have when we contemplate the final result.

A good interior design includes practicality, comfort, detail of the environment and style.

If the whole of a room is not comfortable and functional, no matter how beautiful the furniture , textiles , accessories … nobody will appreciate it.

Interior design

It is a discipline that studies, analyzes and examines the modification of interior spaces with the aim of achieving a new environment starting from an original space.

The interior design or interior design is not the same as decoration and one of the main differences lies in the extent or significance of the modification of the initial space.

That is, to what extent it will change its dimensions, or its physical configuration or if it simply limits itself to modifying its appearance by focusing on the setting.

Basically, the difference between interior design and interior decoration  depends, ultimately, on the extent to which one intervenes in the definition of the space to be modified.

While the decoration or n interior focuses on those elements, accessories, furniture, or even finishes to be used for a particular environment, the interior design moreover allows intervening in the elements themselves forming space. such as walls, ceilings, installations, completions, furniture … fixed to be complemented by the decoration or n later.

The professional who carries out this work is the interior designer or interior designer , very different from the interior decorator who develops a job of placing furniture, curtains, rugs , painted walls or papers, lamp models … that is, he beautifies a space that it already exists.

An interior designer can carry out, in the last phase of his work, the decoration of the space but much earlier he develops a comprehensive interior design project , which includes a complete study of the space for which he needs professional training based on specific studies, the which do not need an interior decorator .

Interior decoration, home

The design satisfying home is one of the most important and rewarding achievements we have. Almost everyone at one time or another has to create a home regardless of the circumstances.

The home is much more than a sum of available rooms. C onseguir practical functionality is only part of the process.

Home is the place where we feel comfortable, where we belong and where we can create an environment that reflects our tastes and hobbies.

The creation of a home has a lot to do with discovering the elements that convey a sense of place.

There are no objective standards for design and decoration , which for some it seems broad to others gives a feeling of sobriety;

A comfortable corner that we like a lot can cause a visually unpleasant feeling to another.

What we do share all despite our difference s is the sense of proportion, placement and decorative practice.

In the last 100 years advances in domestic electricity technology and the large number of auxiliary equipment the central heating pipe fittings modern technologies make entirely new provisions d and the interior spaces .

E l extent of the impact produced technology in our daily lives can be partly measured by what we accept today as a normal occurrence.

When we choose, for example, soft and light colors for the bedroom, we imitate a Madame de Pompadour style and when we build a frieze at the height of one third of the wall, we preserve the basic proportions of the 18th century

But when we organize the kitchen to turn it into an efficient workplace, we inevitably turn to modernity.

The expectation that the home should be comfortable and adequate on a much broader level is the important contribution of this last century.

Interior decoration

At present, there is an endless amount of information and images available in the interior design and decoration book in illustrated magazines, television programs … that present all the possible variations of interior decoration .

F rom the beach house to the urban apartment and from the luxurious villa to the country house, the current consumer has a wide variety of tools to improve the house of colors and material designs and furniture .

But there is something that programs and magazines cannot do, inform us of how we want to live .

Before and studiar plan the spaces of the housing and the need for s wardrobe s , tables, bedrooms, bathrooms … the kitchen … you need to find s – before starting – what t likes us and preferences.

The rest will be relatively easy to carry out.

That is, before starting a decoration project, the following elements must be studied in detail:

  • Scale and proportion
  • The lighting
  • Storage spaces
  • The color
  • The texture
  • Styles
  • Specific details, such as paint and textiles.



Interior decoration , space

We must first analyze what we really need and what it is and what it is possible to do without

Many people when moving house to have an additional bedroom, a larger kitchen, a second bathroom … they find homes in which the square meter, expressed in space, is expensive.

We must find an answer with another way to increase the sense of space and the best is a good reform to make the most of it.

These changes will make better use of available square footage and expand the house relatively inexpensively.

However, it is also necessary to take into account the quality of the space we have.

There are many smaller flats that offer a feeling of spaciousness simply because they are well organized and properly prepared .

Or perhaps because its d ecorado is nice and dispels any feeling of confinement or oppression

There are many large houses whose large spaces are wasted with wrong distribution and planning. L as large rooms can also be a sad space if poorly designed or decorated.

An important element when making a good interior decoration is unity , because the home is unpleasant if different styles and too many striking details are mixed.

Skymarketing presents a single range of colors and textures in public areas how they can be corridors, stairs, or if basic materials of the same type used on surfaces and finishes.

O tro element to consider the question of proportions , too small a common solution to the problem of the rooms and s of a dividing wall and open a space for a larger one .

In many cases the result is an immediate improvement, particularly if the new room fulfills two complementary functions , such as the kitchen and the dining room.

Ie l quality of the space has relatively little to do with the size of the house.

O tra basic consideration is related to the relationship between the inside and outside. L or that looks beyond the doors and windows adjacent areas is equally important that the contents of the room itself.

Interior decoration, light

G ran part of what really animates a place is light.

T he concepts of space and light are inseparable, natural light increases the spaciousness of a room and makes details appear in relief.

L artificial lighting causes even feeling that it is the corridor of a hospital.

This occurs when s and considers artificial lighting as a practical means necessary, without thinking about the aesthetics. L os results are room s resisting any attempt to breathe life into them .

Natural light constantly changes at different times of the day and according to the seasons of the year, changing its tone, color and intensity.

The artificial light does not replace natural but with a system of modern lighting with good fixtures and fittings can be filtered, direct and modulate light for contrast and variety.

It is not simply an attempt to get closer to nature but a matter of turning the house into a more natural place so that man is comfortable, healthy and happy.

The d ecoración should be a real pleasure an opportunity to give free rein to their creativity.

However, many people get stuck during the interior decoration process and in the selection of materials and elements of the decoration of their home.

They end up settling for what is commonly used with the false assumption that it is the most practical or the most appropriate for today’s life.

Actually, it is much easier to live with something that you really enjoy than with something that is difficult to tolerate.

Interior decoration, colors

Color for a home has the same meaning as light for daylight.

In the same space with the same decoration, light can make two different environments appear, even affecting the visual proportions.

In decoration , the choice of color is a fundamental part.

Before facing the color sample or consulting the fabric swatch, we must reflect on the type of rooms we like.

¿ Clear, spacious, welcoming and full of decorative elements?

¿ Rich in a design or calm and neutral?

Start a choice for those in t eriores and not be discouraged by the rules popular that determine if the blue is frí to or yellow is warm and not recommended for work or study spaces ..

If you love red it is not necessary to paint s entire wall of that color, but s t can get a satisfactory result with details in that color such as in l or s cushions, upholstery or some elements decorative.

Interior decoration, texture

It is a decisive element in a space , so that even in cases where a monochromatic environment can be cheerful and impressive as one decorated in various colors.

The textures have to be chosen very carefully and are just as evocative as the colors.

Different textures create their own images and have their own surface characteristics.







Patent leather














Wooden boards

Padded fabric





In this list of textures, some combine better with some than with others, for example brick walls, they combine better with linen or cotton than with silk …

But there are no written rules, it is a matter of sensitivity.

In interior decoration , when a room seems to be finished, the introduction of a different texture and contrast can result in accentuating the color scheme, increasing animation and interest in that space.

Many times we do not realize the contrasts and the richness of the textures only when we have them in front of us, a velvet plaid on a wicker chair … a flowerpot on the same smooth and cold floor …

And suddenly we understand that scheme, everything is located around that element that we had not taken into account before and we do not understand how it had not occurred to us before. ..

In  interior decoration, experience in contrasting textures is essential .

For example: in the following photo we see a stool with a rope seat, rustic wood, on a jute rugs that cover the floor that contrast perfectly and in the appropriate way.

An identical seat on top of a velvet rug would look out of place, but it would suit a tile or clay floor.

Interior decoration, fabrics

In interior decoration , decorating with fabrics  and a wise choice of colors will revitalize and brighten up the home.

To create pleasant interiors we must pay attention to textiles , cottons, linens, velvets, silks, … they create depth and can become the focal point of an environment, especially if the room does not have other distinctive features.

It is best to try catalog samples in the same space until you are convinced that we like that fabric, be it smooth, patterned, striped …

A stylish fabric, whether for curtains, upholstery or accessories, such as cushions, will itself add a note of character to the environment, even on occasions it will be the protagonist of the space.

Fabrics with classic contemporary designs are an added value, a long-term investment piece and become current if you refresh yourself with solutions that give it naturalness.

interior decoration

Cotton fabric for curtains and upholstery

There is a great variety of types of fabrics and they alone can define different environments depending on the one chosen.

    • Chenillas are thick cotton, viscose or silk fabrics with the touch of a velvety plush.
    • The Cretonne is cotton
    • Damascus is a silk or cotton jacquard fabric
    • Linen is a resistant fabric, but it wrinkles a lot, so it is usually mixed with other fibers.
    • The Otomán is a thick cotton or blend fabric
    • Canvas is a durable plain weave cotton textile


New Textile Collections in our Online Store


 Interior decoration ideas, style, details, photos

The classic up to date

Antique pieces, which accompany a contemporary space


The rugs offer a soft and comfortable surface, and they also visually soften the floor and their colors and textures contribute to creating a cozy atmosphere.

They are also indicated to frame certain areas in a larger space or to join several pieces of furniture in an integral decorative set.

There is a wide variety of rugs from machine made to handcrafted,

Afghani , repeated designs  in bright  red and dark blues.

Chinas , flower design, birds, pastel

Dhurries , Indian hand-woven cotton rugs.

Kilims , Turkish and North African tapestries without hair and with geometric designs

Persian with red and blue colors that vary in their design according to the place of origin.

Turks , with soft earth colors and striking geometric designs …

Any space is enriched by the presence of a rug. In the photo, a reading space that requires a good rug for a more complete, welcoming and comfortable decoration.

 Coordinated environments

Create a homogeneous set between textiles and wallpapers . Wallpaper has the advantage of quickly changing a space, giving it character and style, alone or in combination with paint.




 Enhance the grandeur of space

If you have high ceilings, they must be respected and combined with warm elements such as exposed wood in beams and floors, which influence the architectural volume, where other elements are painted white.

Decoration 9

 Interior decoration, living rooms 

The living room is a versatile space, it brings together the living area with the sofa and the dining table, a space to sit down to read, watch TV, meet with family or friends, … and you can even have a small workspace .

Before starting the decoration plans, it is necessary to consider how this room is going to be used, to be able to distribute the space according to the needs and plan the following textures, color, decoration of accessories …

To create a serene and classic setting in a living room, a sofa with a minimalist style with sober lines is key in the space, as it is the piece with the largest dimension.

 Furniture with history

In the antique markets we can find small treasures, pieces that bring a vintage style to the house.

An old chest of drawers, a bench, a lamp, a table … and then we have to find a space to place them.

vintage style

decorate vintage

Vintage decor

 Dead spaces

For example, the interior part of the stairs can be used for storage solutions, designing custom built-in cupboards or drawers.

In order not to overwhelm the space, it is advisable to choose decorative doors in harmony with the rest of the house.

interior decoration

interior decoration

 Interior decoration in spaces with low ceilings

To give the wall a sense of height, a good trick is to use wide and vertical striped wallpaper .



 Small spaces

In the not very large bathrooms, it can be given as a solution, coatings in light colors and also in the same material. Of all, the white color in decoration is the most successful and used

the color white in decoration

 The comfort

A house is to live it. Practical and cozy furniture, spaces that do not give the feeling that you cannot touch anything.

You have to do everything possible to create a home where you can feel good, without ignoring the tastes of the people who inhabit it and creating a good atmosphere of coexistence.

Decoration 2

Living room decoration

 The terraces and porches

They have to be furnished with care, thinking about moments of relaxation, many cushions, wooden tables, iron, accessories, bamboo …

decorate porches


 The front door

The front door is the focal point of a home, and painting a color that contrasts with the facade will give it more impact.

Its style will depend on the taste you have, if it is the rustic style, put a gate with personality. It can be demolition or you can buy similar pieces.


 The travel trunk

The trunk is already a classic in decoration. There are multiple ideas to decorate a trunk and among its uses is that of a side table.

It can also be placed at the foot of the bed or as a bedside table and with few things on top so that you do not feel overwhelmed, to store winter blankets on the sofa or cushions …

decoration with trunks


If it is not very large, it does not allow you to create two independent areas. A mid-height wall will allow you to isolate the bathtub and sinks from the toilets.



 Outdoor spaces, the taste for the oriental

If you like oriental environments, which are always in fashion, you can place a bed-shaped structure in the garden or on the terrace and dressed in fresh, striking and cheerful fabrics, you will make this space your favorite corner of the house.


We hope to have contributed ideas, information, solutions and tips for decorating your home and we hope you visit us again soon.

If you want a new distribution of your house and online plans with the planning of the spaces that you would like to have

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