How to decorate a marriage room: ideas, plans and photos. How to decorate the main bedroom

How to decorate a double room

The double room is an exclusively personal space. In this Tajarat properties blog , you will find ideas on how to decorate a double room , bedroom renovation plans and photos.

The bedrooms have been converted into full rooms. Are like private rooms, master bedrooms type suite encompassing various spaces from the bed, dressing, bathroom,  one reading corner, to even a workspace .

how to decorate a double room

how to decorate a double room

Decorative ideas for bedrooms full of light, space to store, spaces that are havens of true peace, tranquility and comfort.



When considering the  decoration of  bedrooms  , we have to let ourselves be carried away by personal intuition  in the  decoration  , be it   minimalist ,  rustic ,  modern ,  classic  or  romantic .

Bedroom decoration

The way we wake up in the morning can affect us in the development of our entire day, therefore, the environment of our rest at night deserves to take into account a special consideration.

The bedroom out of reach of the domain of others, is usually decorated in a totally personal way.

This space for the night’s rest has to be pleasant, attractive, with austere decoration, in which, it is necessary to choose well the materials, the lighting, the colors, the textures, the furniture and even the bedding.

Double bedrooms

They are spaces where more and more 3 areas to take into account meet, the bedroom itself, the bathroom and the dressing room.

Get it to become a unique space in the transition from the common space to the intimate and personal space of the owners.

Poorly chosen furniture can become uncomfortable elements in an environment such as the bedroom, so before buying or placing what we have, we have to think that they make us feel comfortable, that they are beautiful and useful.

For example, if an armchair that is comfortable, if a closet is practical and if they are light, better to be able to move them easily.

Furniture with style, personality and good materials, which give you a feeling of calm and well-being.

The bathrooms adjoining the master bedroom is another element to take into account for its comfort and privacy from the rest of the house.

The main bedrooms are often small, they do not have enough space that we would like to have to have certain built-in comforts, such as an armchair, a chest of drawers, a desk or a dressing table.

In these cases, you have to take into account how much can be achieved with decoration and ingenuity: space is as much a matter of feeling of spaciousness as of the precise measurements of a room.

For example, ingenious and imaginative use of mirror placement, successful lighting, multifunctional furniture, such as beds with lower storage, alternative and practical use of a dressing table and work space with a drawer to store work materials …

In other words, making the most of every inch of the space without creating overwhelming spaces but taking advantage of it with intelligence, ingenuity and creativity.

Double bedrooms, recommended colors

Choose the colors that suit your bedroom, but above all that make you feel good, blues, greens and ocher help you to rest better.

If you want to focus attention on the furniture and have a calm background tone, choose neutral colors on the walls, plain white or off-white, beige, very light gray or the beautiful and elegant stone color.

Carpentry in white or in the same tone as the walls to maximize the feeling of space.

If the room receives little natural light, it is best to choose a warm color such as pretty aqua green, light peach tones, and blues.

The predominantly white bedrooms, that is white on white, although they may be beautiful and immaculate, do best in warm and sunny climates.

Later in this post, we will talk again about the colors in double bedrooms.

Work spaces in the bedrooms

Increasingly, a corner or work area is being incorporated , which goes from a table of reduced dimensions, which takes up little space, to more generous spaces.

how to decorate a double room

When you have a spacious room, it can be located on a mezzanine, being integrated into the room, but at the same time enjoying independence.

If you work at home and do not have an office, you can integrate a desk area in the bedroom so that it does not look like a strange element, limiting the space, differentiating the walls with another color, with a carpet in that area, with different lighting …

[adinserter block = »1 ″]

A bookcase or storage area near the workbench that does not take up much space for book folders, even if a printer is necessary.

The important thing is to define that space and maintain order.

decorate marriage room

decorate the double bedroom

decorate the double bedroom

decorate double bedroom

Clothes, ornaments, photographs, drawings … a whole little personal world where we take refuge in a special way.

Ideas that add up in bedroom decoration:

Barefoot shoes, they are auxiliary at the foot of the bed, practical and very useful as support for the bedspread or cushions, to put on shoes … they can be of different models and finishes.

Upholstered in fabric, jute or leather and with wooden, metal legs … in one piece that occupies the length of the bed at the foot … in 2 separate pieces …

how to decorate a double room

how to decorate a bedroom

decorate a bedroom

benches and shoes


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how to decorate a bedroom

how to decorate a double room


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decorate with baskets at the foot of the bed

Other times it is more practical for us to place a pouf at the foot of the bed that can be upholstered or made of natural fiber accompanied by matching baskets to keep order.

With blankets, or plaids, keep some books or the cushions that we have during the day on the bed.

Decorate comfortable marriage room

The comfortable , are  always important furniture in the bedroom, they do not takemuch space, with a bottom drawers enough to store clothes that keep light hand, underwear, towels …

They are highly decorative pieces of furniture that add a touch of good taste to the room with their decoration.

mirror, well hung or leaning on the same dresser, slightly inclined, is a main element because it increases the light and reflects the environment of the bedroom.

On it you can then place a table lamp , with the style you have chosen for your room, more rustic in wood, in metal …

The screen is convenient to have a dim lighting and better in light and neutral tones.

Add a complement of a vase with flowers with some color, which brings joy and freshness, a container of your perfume and some candles for an attractive and cozy atmosphere.

how to decorate a bedroom

how to decorate a bedroom

how to decorate a bedroom

Custom-made pieces  , take advantage of projections from pillars or the structure of the house to place shelves to support and have books at hand, for example, and 20 cm are enough; with this space we can already take advantage of it.

decorate a bedroom

decorate a bedroom

Light colors , visually everything seems more spacious, beige, white, sand or stone colors, they are correct for textiles and furniture.

Neutral colors fill the bedroom with light and in addition to providing spaciousness, they relax. They are combinations that do not go out of style, because they are timeless.

light colors in the bedrooms

light colors in the bedrooms

light colors in the bedrooms

Bedrooms open to the bathroom and dressing room

According to the needs, sliding doors allow the bedroom space to be modulated. In the morning, the dressing room is completely open and facilitates the day’s space when dressing up. The bathroom is kept closed and maintains its independence.

Sliding doors , save up to 1 m2 of usable space. Communication with the dressing room adjoining the bedroom is broader if the doors are embedded in the partition, “disappear” and the spaces are opened.

If the dressing room is open, that is, internally without doors, the space is better used, it is easier to find everything because we have it in view, but we must bear in mind that it forces us to a constant order.

decoration of the bedrooms.


decorate the double bedroom

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The double room and a good  distribution

It is a very important requirement to take into  account  in all rooms, but particularly in the bedroom, where we want to find tranquility, well-being and rest.

good distribution will give us the order we need in the bedroom. If there are items that you consider mandatory, store them in closets or stacked boxes to keep clutter hidden.

Taking advantage of the space is essential and we are conditioned to many functions that we want to be carried out in the same room.

Get dressed, put away clothes, sometimes even work, although perhaps it would be convenient to consider another space to do it

As for the furniture, the bed is the central element and movement around it is often difficult, due to auxiliary furniture , such as the chest of drawers, wardrobes or similar.

The bed is the dominant element and your choice will determine how the rest of the room is decorated.

Most people like the bed and headboard against the wall and others like it diagonally with the floating headboard.

how to decorate a double room

how to decorate a double room

Double room and  natural light

Architect  Christopher Alexander  thinks that natural light is crucial for healthy architecture.

He points out that the bedroom should be oriented towards the east, where the sun rises, so that people wake up naturally, with the first rays of sunlight, an idea that has prevailed for a long time and in various cultures.


how to decorate a double room

The lighting in the double room

Before having only general light, it has two or three points of light distributed.

The bedrooms are usually equipped with suspension lamps to achieve a soft backlight, but it must be complemented by night lamps .

Table lamps are an excellent solution to create a cozy atmosphere.

how to decorate a double room

how to decorate a double room


The materials in the decoration of a double room

Natural materials are imprinted with hours of work and imagination and are more humane than synthetic ones.

Those that convey the most warmth are natural materials, those that have been used all our lives, such as wood,  stone and leather.

Natural wood is always a safe bet that combines both classic and more current designs, with the same common denominator: the creation of extremely cozy environments.

how to decorate a double room

how to decorate a double room

How to decorate a room simply double

If you want a more restrained bedroom, regardless of the style chosen , empty the accessory elements and keep only the basic ones .

The beds dressed simply with a duvet cover of a solid color , floors sanded floorboards, blinds or curtains in shades of cream and perhaps a single box well chosen .

how to decorate a double room

Currently living hectic, in a rush, computers … nothing better than resting in a space devoid of possible distractions, a space designed to recharge batteries.

The clearest environments are the most serene, so it is necessary to reserve a lot of space to store clothes and personal items.

All the basic elements fit in a combination of free spaces, drawers and shelves.

This can be an economical option, as well as a row of hooks that hang baskets of various sizes , where t-shirts, socks are stored … Another solution is a whole wall of drawers and built-in wardrobes.

You can also place a decorative element and hide the closet space behind a dividing wall or a series of panels.

how to decorate a double room

how to decorate a double room

decorate bedrooms

Metal wall lights for bedroom headboards in our online decoration store

In the photo below, a simple rustic-style bedroom where the abundance of natural light is combined with basic, inexpensive decorative elements and a colored bedspread creating a comfortable and cozy bedroom.

how to decorate a double room

An industrial space, brick wall, with a very simple headboard and bedspread create a cozy and quiet resting area.

how to decorate a double room

How to decorate a marriage room according to feng shui

What is feng shui?

The feng shui is how it affects our physical, emotional and spiritual well the environment in which we live and work.

The different places make us feel differently, the amount of natural light that enters through the window, the color of the walls, the type of chairs , paintings, ornaments, the presence or absence of natural plants … all this affects our experience .

It is the study of the movement of energy and the way it flows in designs, which affect all aspects of our life.

Tips for bedrooms according to feng shui:

  • Place the bed so that it does not sleep in line with the door, because otherwise you would sleep in the center of the energy that enters the room.
  • Behind the headboard, a solid wall, not a window, and from the bed a clear view of the door.

how to decorate a double room

  • Do not place the bed under a beam or a loft.
  • Always a headboard as a point of support. Those made of wood or fabric with rounded shapes are the most recommended.

how to decorate a double room

bedside tables for bedrooms

Wooden bedside tables   in our online Decoration Store 

If the bed is facing away from the door, place a mirror on the opposite wall so that you can see everything that comes into the room.

A single mirror and circular in shape, which symbolizes the fusion of energy.

how to decorate a double room

  • Natural fabrics for sheets and bedding.

how to decorate a double room


  • Replace mattresses every 6 to 7 years.
  • Not having the bedroom related to any of the work Bedside books limited to one or two.
  • Avoid headlights. For soft and relaxing lighting, use broad spectrum lights on all lamps.

How to decorate a rustic double room

Even the most basic bedroom must contain at least the bed and a storage space for clothes and personal belongings.

Of all the bed is the largest and the first thing is to decide where it is placed.

In the rustic houses of Great Britain and the United States the head is placed against the wall and in France one side against the wall. Beds usually have simple heads made of wrought iron , brass, or wood .

decorate a double room

If the pavement is terrazzo or stone, a soft and small rug next to the bed to find something warm, under bare feet.

decoration a double room

In a corner, if you have space, a small armchair and a floor lamp, provides a quiet place and away from the rest of the house.

decorate a double room

Many traditional rustic bedrooms have their own fireplace where from time to time you can indulge in a good fire and fall asleep in the dim light of the burning logs.

decorate a double room

In the months that it is not used, it can be filled with fragrant pineapples or bouquets of dried flowers . Details like a bunch of lavender tied to the headboard with a bow for a soft, fragrant touch.

wicker or wooden bedside table or a small trunk , which also offers storage space.

decorate a double room

 jute rug for bedrooms

Online sale of round jute rug in natural color  of 2 meters in diameter

Wicker baskets and baskets in one corner contain towels, books, cushions … a dressing table is an appropriate element for these bedrooms, with jars, a large mirror and a seat in front of it.

Another option is also a sturdy wooden desk , accompanied by a chair. White cotton or linen bedding for an authentic look.

decorate a double room

The fabrics if they are printed, it is better to opt for fresh checks and stripes and avoid large flowers and more exotic motifs and just need to cover the bed with a nice collection of cushions.

decorate a double room

Today in Abitare Decoration , we have talked to you about the decoration in the double rooms.

With a good combination of   colors , textures and skillfully made, you can make your bedroom become a special place.

And to finish this post, a bedroom carousel …


Visit online decoration store of skymarketing, where you will find fabrics to upholster  sofas, headboards, armchairs, chairs, for bedspreads … furniture , lighting , accessories and gifts … everything you need to decorate your home

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