How important is Facebook really

I suppose you mean in addition to psychological factors, but Facebook is extremely important to me because:

  • It has the highest number of interactions of any platform. I post the same thing on Facebook, G+, and Twitter. I only have 400,000 Facebook followers. On Google+, I have a following of 7 million people and 1.5 million on Twitter. As a result, even with the smallest number of followers, Facebook creates the most activity.
  • The most interaction is generated using Facebook Live (the video). Because I’m a verified public figure on Facebook, this could be because Facebook is advertising me, but I don’t mind. It only does that.
  • I can’t find a better place to target audiences than Facebook. For example, over-30 men in the United States. I’m not aware of any other way to advertise like this.

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Other Important things

  • The passage of time continues.
  • Stay connected with Friends
  • No need to remember Birthday Dates
  • Get Fat easily
  • Get to know friends of friends
  • Can give free advises on posts or videos
  • Post whatever you like.
  • Many more…!!!!!
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